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Dessert or Pudding?

Does using the term pudding or dessert have connotations of class?

It is confusing for some tourists when they visit the UK. The term pudding is typically a British term when used to reference the sweet course following a main, while In the US and many other countries it is a dessert. Nowadays many British refer to it as dessert only, because time has changed and people are more casual with terms.

To make it simple, the clearest difference between a pudding and a dessert is that, a dessert is sweet, but a pudding can be both sweet and savoury, it is usually used to describe a particular type of food or sweet. Dessert could be fruits, that you use a fork and knife to cut. You only use the spoon for pudding.

Yorkshire pudding served with roast beef in traditional Sunday lunch is savoury. Black pudding, Steak and Kidney Pudding are definitely not sweet. A pudding usually is a dish more homely or rustic. A dessert is lighter and more sophisticated, such as chocolate mousse. However, the word dessert is rarely used by the British upper class. Some fine restaurants and private clubs would use pudding to refer to the sweet course.


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